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Toddler activities

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user1469302797 Sun 01-Jan-17 12:43:04

What did you do with your toddler on days off/weekends? Just looking for inspiration /ideas! Just feel like I do same things and not the creative mummy I thought I'd be!

ABowlOfTomatoSoup Sun 01-Jan-17 12:49:45

I exist. I allow my wee one to play with his toys and sometimes I enjoy a hot cup of tea. It's important that he learns to entertain himself.

I also do nursery rhymes, dance, go for walks and splash in puddles.

I do a mix of hands on and off and he's doing great so far.

Don't worry about your parenting style. Just relax and enjoy. Before you know it you will be the mum of a teen

MrsGB2015 Sun 01-Jan-17 12:50:27

Soft play/park/walks/feed ducks

At home;
Cooking; biscuits, cupcakes, crispy cakes, pizza, I'll let him chop vegetables with a plastic knife when I'm cooking.

Craft box; stickers, colouring, cutting & sticking

Play with toys/roll play/tea party/cooking

Put music on and sing and play with instruments.

Word picture books, flash cards, card memory game

Play in the garden. My one just likes to help with whatever I'm doing

Interested to get ideas from others though.

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