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Is 3.5 too young for stranger anxiety

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Kmxxx14 Sat 31-Dec-16 15:23:30

My daughter is 3.5 months. I've posted about her before that she's very quiet. She's a great baby in terms of she's calm and contented the majority of the time.

The thing is over the last week I've had 3 instances with her where she will sob uncontrollably. This has never happened before now. On these 3 instances it has been someone "strange" to her that was holding her. Is this coincidence or is she upset that it's not Mum or dad holding her? Does she even know the difference at this age?

I'm not sure if it may be her personality and whether she may be a quiet/shy child in general or whether this is coincidence but her general quietness has made me question this.

PlugUgly Sat 31-Dec-16 15:36:20

My daughter only wanted me from a very young age, would cry for me if others held her and continued to be so attached to me throughout her baby/toddler stages I had plenty of 'helpful' comments regarding her 'not being able to go to school if I don't make her more independent' etc.... out of my 4 she went to school with minimal fuss and became 'quietly confident ' and still is as an adult , try to go with the flow, let her just have you and she will have the confidence to detach in time ... ignore people who say your baby needs to be more 'Independent ' She is behaving naturally smile

OzzieFem Sat 31-Dec-16 19:46:24

Your daughter can smell the difference. A baby can recognize the voice and smell of it's mother at birth.

KarmaNoMore Sat 31-Dec-16 21:25:21

It is not stranger anxiety, just that she can't recognise what's familiar to her. Put her to sleep in a different place and you will get the same reaction.

DS was very relaxed with strangers as a baby, but the poor kid had been put through an army of over excited relatives, a legion of baby friendly friends and 2 nurseries so he had learned that it was ok to be carried around by other people.

But agree that at this age it doesn't matter, and how anxious she is at a time, it doesn't reflect how confident she becomes in the future.

Enjoy your baby and don't worry too much smile

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