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Tell me about an average day with your 11 week old (or thereabouts)

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ThinkPinkStink Fri 30-Dec-16 20:51:22

Over the Christmas holidays I've started to lose sight of what a normal day for a normal 11 week old looks like.

My DD and I will have to snap back into routine next Tuesday when DH goes back to work.

I'd love to hear about an average day in the life of your LOs, ours is something like:

Get up and showered (before DH goes to work) - 7:30am

Bath baby - 8:30

Breakfast/coffee for me (ideally while DD naps) - 9

Off for a walk /shops/errands/meet friends for coffee/lunch - 11 - 2pm

The afternoon progresses much the same.

DH home - 6:30

Dinner - 7:30

Baby in PJs - 8:30 (she finds evening baths too exciting)

Baby naps intermittently, we chat with each other and DD, wash up, do light housework etc.

All to bed - 11 (baby doesn't really settle until we're all in the room together)

Wake for feed - 4:30ish

Get up - 7am

I feed her (FF) roughly every three/four hours during waking time.

Once a week we go to baby sensory classes (which she either sleeps through or cries through). We I chat all day long, and sing terrible songs.

She loves singing (esp with actions) and is generally very smiley.

I'd love to learn and tips or tricks, or things that we could be missing. I worry she hasn't got a bedtime routine (ie only goes to bed properly when we do) and that she isn't interested in toys yet (even if we try to sneak them into her grasp).

Gingergin Fri 30-Dec-16 21:09:06

I have a 16 week old and worry about my routine, try not to get too stressed about it though as I know babies don't really do routines!
Mine is just up and out in the morning to a group or meet friends or shops, try to get out every day or I'd go mad, and he doesn't nap at home normally unless on me, so if I'm out at least he'll sleep in the car or pram.
Then home and feed and try to play with toys, he's started to show more interest but only recently so I wouldn't worry about that, if I were you, he looks but doesn't grab, but has started to listen to stories.
Don't have a bedtime! As I'm bf and he cluster feeds til 11/12/1 (zzz) which worries me but I'm hoping he'll grow out of it eventually... yours sounds a good routine to me.

ThinkPinkStink Fri 30-Dec-16 22:06:45

God I'm flattered that you'd consider it a routine 🙂 really it's just some things that we need to do each day to make sure she's clean, fed and rested and keep me sane - I'm totally with you on getting out and about each day, I find myself looking forward to REALLY boring things (Monday: try to find some smoked mozzarella at the supermarket).

I find a whole lot of motherhood seems to be unnecessary walking (the long way round everywhere to keep her asleep and to take up time with wholesome activity (treat her than mainlining biscuits on the sofa)) and tricking the baby into things, mainly clothes.

I am aware we should start working on a night time routine now, bath, story, bed - but baths are too stimulating, she doesn't care for stories (yet) and I can put her to bed and soothe her 50 times between 7:30 and 9pm, or I could let her nap happily in her bouncy chair and she (usually) settles down to sleep in her cot when we do.

I'm so reassured that not all babies are into toys the moment they hit ten weeks. DD seems almost anti toys, if I trick her into holding one she pointedly drops it (like she's dropping the Mike).

I worry that I'm not doing enough with her, I admit there are times when I'm bouncing her in her bouncy chair with my foot and hoping she sleeps so I can watch something on tv/eat lunch/etc....

ThinkPinkStink Fri 30-Dec-16 22:10:11

'Treat her' = rather

misstweedyweedy Sat 31-Dec-16 10:46:16

Sounds very similar to how we were at the age. Please don't worry too much - these early months pass so quickly, your dd will be picking up toys etc when she is ready and will develop her own interests. You can turn dropping stuff into a game if that's what she enjoys. Pick it up for her and she can drop it again, repetition is exciting for her. Ds wasn't interested in stories, now he brings a book over but is more interested in turning the pages and feeling the textures than listening and he is 1. The changes over the next weeks and months are staggering, so please just enjoy your time with her as a tiny one and do what works best for you. And yes, going out for a walk / random groceries is what we did too, haha.

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