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Possible development issues 9 months

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Soyouare2faced Fri 30-Dec-16 18:47:39

DD is 9 months and she's never been able to sit up unaided, she can't roll over, can't hold her bottle or cup, has only just started to attempt to feed herself. Now I hate it when people compare babies and I don't fret really and I've been thinking she will just do things when she's ready. I had a chat with HV yesterday and mentioned these things and also that she constantly arches her back, she's not in discomfort, or doesn't appear to be, generally a happy baby and sleeps well, but I told HV that even if she could sit up when she arches her back she will go flying back, she does this all the time, sitting, laying, playing with toys , when eating, etc. HV has now said I need to get her checked by my gp for possible development issues. I'm concerned now and hope she's ok, I'm sure if she's not we will get the help she requires. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks

user1477282676 Fri 30-Dec-16 22:31:24

Here's a good thread about a lady on here who had a similar worry

Was the birth ok? I'm sorry you're worrying.x

govan Fri 30-Dec-16 23:14:17

How is she in other areas of development? Babbling? Making eye contact and smiling? Can she grasp toys to shake and chew etc?

I think your HV is right to get it checked. I know two little boys who had similar delays but caught up no problem at all by about 15 months, but another friend's DC had more long lasting difficulties and early intervention was so useful.

It must be extremely worrying flowers I know when I was concerned about DS, I found it so frustrating and invalidating when people constantly dismissed my feelings with well meaning "I'm sure he'll be fine, you're worrying for nothing" comments etc. I hope you're doing ok.

GloriousSlug Sat 31-Dec-16 06:49:54

I would push for further assessment, if only to put your mind at ease. I work with babies and it would be flagged up as a potential concern if a child I was working with was unable to sit unaided or roll over at 9 months.

How is she in other areas of development? Is she responsive to sounds and faces of familiar people, does she make eye contact/babble, etc?

It's so difficult to know, some babies just take a little bit longer to reach milestones.

How was your labour with her?

Soyouare2faced Sat 31-Dec-16 09:33:12

Thank you for the replies.
My labour was perfect, no issues, no pain relief apart from gas and air, also pretty normal pregancy other than the usual aches and pains.
She babbles, will say mama and dadda and hiya. I was convinced she was trying to wave yesterday but I have found that I'm now looking for things. She will grab things but she struggles a little but she is trying.
She makes eye contact and laughs etc

govan Sat 31-Dec-16 09:52:58

All those things are extremely reassuring. It means any difficulties she might possibly be having, are specific to her movements, rather than a 'global' delay, which is a delay in all areas of development. I'd push your GP for a referral for more assessments anyway, to reassure you and to rule out anything concerning.

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