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24 weeks and really tough

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Carta60 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:51:28

I'm a ftm and my dad is almost 24 weeks. She's ebf. We love her dearly and wouldn't be without her.

I just wondered if other experienced moms found the 4-6 month stage tough? She wakes to feed every 2/3 hours at night, is a fighter of naps in the day (used to sleep well in the sling but now seems to need movement or being held for the shortest of naps) and goes from happy smiley baby to meltdown in minutes even awake. She is ok as long as being constantly entertained.
I feel pretty exhausted and just wondered if these months were usually so demanding. It seems harder in a way than the newborn stage....shock

Chickz Fri 30-Dec-16 17:02:47

I'm with you, it's so draining and tiring. Gone from sleeping a lot to whinging, crying and needing so much attention. Never seeming to be particularly happy! I find this stage so hard. I'm sure a lot is to do with tiredness and teething but I'm longing to go back to work to get away! Sounds awful but it's just so relentless.

addstudentdinners2 Fri 30-Dec-16 17:10:32

Yes this was the hardest stage for me so far (ds is 10 months now). 4-6 months were hell. Crap naps, crap night sleep, constant grumpiness due to not being able to move around like he wanted.

It got a hell of a lot better once he dropped to 2 naps at 7 months as he now has two good solid long naps a day in his cot (total day naps about 3.5 hrs). We sleep trained then too to sort his night sleep and that significantly improved his mood as he was much much less tired.

addstudentdinners2 Fri 30-Dec-16 17:11:32

And yes way harder than the newborn stage. Unless your baby has colic or similar I've never understood the fuss about the newborn stage - they sleep all the time and stay where you've put them!!

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