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Playing at eye level - 2.5 year old

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Whatismyusername1 Tue 27-Dec-16 22:09:35

Hi, my son is almost 2.5 and for the past month or so has been playing with his beloved trains at eye level. He usually gets them all out on the couch and bends down to play with them at eye level. He does make up basic stories with them but I just wondered if this kind of behaviour can be normal as understand it can be a symptom of autism. His speech is age-appropriate I believe.

Has anyone else's child done this?

MrsMulder Tue 27-Dec-16 22:16:14

Personally, I wouldn't worry about that at all. lots of things are indicators of autism but it's all a part of a bigger picture. Do you have any other concerns?

PhilODox Tue 27-Dec-16 22:26:28

Has he had an eye test at all?
Just wondering if it's so he can see them properly? My DS needed specs from a very young age- we didn't realise blush

Whatismyusername1 Tue 27-Dec-16 22:30:29

No I don't think so. His communication is reasonably good I think, and socially he is interested in other children, has a few friends which he names at nursery. He started with the train obsession a few months ago which I know is common in boys, it's just the eye level play which seems strange to me. He often wants to bring his trains with him when we go out or to the table at dinner time and he can get annoyed if they fall over or you touch them but not always. He's struggled with sharing in the past but what do you expect from a two year old? More recently he is starting to understand the concept of sharing and will offer his brother a toy for example, just not his favourite ones! Thank you for replying.

Whatismyusername1 Tue 27-Dec-16 22:31:32

No we've never had his eyes tested. Would there be any other likely signs if sight was an issue?

PhilODox Tue 27-Dec-16 22:35:11

He may squint. TBH, my DS had no symptoms really, just mentioned to us one day he couldn't see stuff! confused

Whatismyusername1 Tue 27-Dec-16 22:37:35

I've never thought of his sight as a problem, good suggestion though and well worth checking anyway! He only seems to play this way with his trains which makes me think it's more of an obsession thing..

MrsMulder Tue 27-Dec-16 23:32:08

My ds was obsessed with trains from age 2. He is almost 5 and still obsessed, especially now they have superhero trains! No other issues though, he is very sociable and confident. I really wouldn't worry if you have no other concerns, could be worth getting eyes checked though as others have said

CakeRattleandRoll Fri 30-Dec-16 14:30:28

My DS sometimes plays with his cars, trains, etc at eye level, usually by lying down on the floor, with his head on the floor, next to his train track or on his road map rug. He is 4.5 years old now, but has been doing this for ages, can't remember when he started. He has been obsessed with wheels in general since about 10 months. Definitely not autistic.

Witchend Fri 30-Dec-16 14:32:11

I think it's totally normal.

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