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no teeth!!!

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wishitwasntlikethis Mon 19-Feb-07 22:52:30

my ds is nearly 1o months old but still has NO teeth! Is this normal? I'm starting to worry as all his "friends" the same age have a few teeth!

ArcticRoll Mon 19-Feb-07 22:56:42

My ds didn't cut his first tooth until he was about 13 months. He had no hair either so he looked like a rather large newborn.
Don't worry.

hotmama Mon 19-Feb-07 23:02:30

My dd1 didn't get her first teeth until 11 months - and then no more until 16 months - has a full set of gnashers now at nearly 21/2!

chocolatebirdy Mon 19-Feb-07 23:02:49

My ds didnt have any til 13 months eiter and again hardly any hair! (dd got her 1st 2 at 4mths!). He is now 18mts and has 9 now so has caught up. Dont worry about it.

deaconblue Tue 20-Feb-07 11:45:18

I think it's pretty normal. Make the most of the few remaining teething free nights you'll have. Ds is same age and has a set of 6 massive tombstones in his mouth which strangers comment on as if he is a horse

JazzyGsMummy Tue 20-Feb-07 20:03:21

Yeah don't worry oo much. My dd didn't get he 1st tooth until 9 mths, they came thick and fast after that, not sure if this is connected in any way but she didn't really suffer from a lot of pain. My nephew got his 1st tooth quite early and everytime he cuts a tooth he's sufers from pain & sleepless nights. poor liitle mite

funkimummy Tue 20-Feb-07 20:15:55

Mine is 10 months old and no sign of teeth!

SquillosMum Wed 21-Feb-07 20:56:46

My DS cut his first tooth aged 14months. He's now 2 and we're still waiting for the canines and 1 set of molars - these seem to be taking ages to come! Apparently the later they get them, the stronger they'll be!

imaginaryfriend Wed 21-Feb-07 21:05:37

Dd got her first two (middle bottom) teeth aged 13 months. The rest followed fairly quickly and she had a full set by 2. She was the only child I knew over 1 with no teeth so I worried about it a bit at the time.

Ali5 Wed 21-Feb-07 21:08:22

Wow. Was going to post virtually the same message earlier today, but then the baby woke up. My DS is almost 8 months and no sign of teeth and all the other babies that were born around the same time all seem to have at least 2. So glad to know it's normal. Thanks wish.

Hulababy Wed 21-Feb-07 21:10:18

DD was 13 months when she cut her first tooth. LOL, and also little hair!

pointydog Wed 21-Feb-07 21:39:18

dd1 was 11 montsh

tubismybub Wed 21-Feb-07 22:27:22

Ds was 14 months and is still missing loads so think it's quite normal

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