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4 month sleep regression?

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Aliodonnell08 Fri 23-Dec-16 20:51:25

Hey I'm a first time mummy to a lovely 17 week tomorrow baby boy. He had began getting into a pattern with sleeping and eating with him having a 6 hour gap at night between his feeds and sleeping straight after until 5 or 6am when he wanted cuddles. He would then go back to sleep quickly until 7am.

He then started struggling with taking feeds right around 10 weeks accompanied with excessive drooling and chewing anything in site so we suspected teething. This still happens but not during the night.

A few weeks ago he started having really restless sleeps with constant fidgeting and difficult to settle at night. We introduced an earlier sleep routine which has been good with him settling between 7 and 7.30pm.

The last few nights have been difficult. I can get him to sleep and occasionally into his cot without him waking but more often than not he wakes or wiggles so much it wakes him up. He will go to sleep back on me and remains fidgety but wakes up whenever he is laid down. He is waking 3 hourly if not slightly sooner for feeds.

He is sleepy during the day and will nap for between a half hour to one bigger nap of 2 hours. He has between 3 or 4 naps.

Is this a sleep regression? Is there anything I can do to help him or do we just ride it out? Thanks x

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