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Toddler prefers everyone else to me

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IsMyVoodooWorking Fri 23-Dec-16 19:58:28

My DS is 22mo and prefers everyone to me. His dad is a SAHD so that's understandable, he always calls for daddy and looks for him. He never calls for mummy and doesn't seem that fussed when I come home from work most of the time. But he also seems to prefer the rest of my family. Tonight he hugged everyone in the room except me, for example. He actually swerved past me to get to my mum.

I try not to be hurt by it, but I am. I work full time, and not by preference, I'd much rather be at home more. I'm worried I've damaged our relationship. I do as much as I possibly can when I'm there and put him to bed every night for example.

I feel silly for being upset by this sad

MaisieDotes Fri 23-Dec-16 20:04:50

Don't feel silly, it's fair enough to feel the way you do.

I had the same thing with DS1 and it got worse when DS2 was born, he was nearly 18 months at the time.

It did pass. I found that when he became more verbal and understood more it made a massive difference. Maybe because he understood when I would constantly tell him how great he is and how much I love him etc.

Maybe ramp up the one-on-one time at the weekends and see if that helps at all. Hope it passes soon flowers

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