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Bed wetting in older children

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Staceyedwards Thu 22-Dec-16 11:59:03

Help! My daughter is nearly 9 and is still we every night and still damp during the day. I have tried the alarm, tablets from the doctor, nothing has worked. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
My son is nearly 4 and I've not potty trained at night yet because I'm just so scared it will just be a repeat of my daughter!

user1482343889 Thu 22-Dec-16 13:36:05

Potty train your 4 year old all children are different. Had you taken her to a specialist

RandomMess Thu 22-Dec-16 13:37:38

Night dryness is linked to your body producing enough of the correct hormone. The day dampness could indicate a bladder problem. Either way at 9 I would insisting on a referral to the specialist clinic.

Staceyedwards Thu 22-Dec-16 22:56:57

We are with a specialist but nothing they have done has worked. Just feel like I'm failing her as a mother, I just want to fix it but I can't.
My son is dry in the day just dreading the nights!

Paffle Thu 22-Dec-16 22:59:27

Have you tried the Alicia [Eaton?] programme? It's really helped us and my 6yo DS can now stay dry nearly every night. We do still take them to the loo at our bedtime though. 4yo DD is a bit more hit and miss still.

MoreProseccoNow Fri 23-Dec-16 00:06:17

My DS is 8 & still in nappies at night; also attending an eneresis clinic & not finding it helpful.

DD didn't toilet train till 3.5 & got it straight away - never had an accident & dry at night straight away. I was amazed at how easy it could be.

You can't "train" a child for night dryness. If only it was that simple. The factors involved are hormonal production, depth of sleep, bladder capacity, volume drunk during the day.

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