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Cranial osteopathy - to help crossness/anger in 8 yr old

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improvingslowly Mon 19-Feb-07 13:50:06

Has anyone tried this to help reduce crossness/anger in 8 yr old boy? Thanks.

Flowertop Mon 19-Feb-07 14:56:29

Nothing to add but will follow with interest as I too have a very angry/negative 8 year old DS.
Let's hope we get some guidance!

frangipan Mon 19-Feb-07 19:11:32

oooh I have no advice either but my 7.5yo is a very angry little boy too

improvingslowly Mon 19-Feb-07 20:22:33


issyissyissy Mon 19-Feb-07 20:31:52

Dont have any knowledge of how it affects older children.
My ds had cranial osteopathy when he was 10months old and not sleeping. Although it did not help his sleep ( which was later foung to be a breathing problem) but it did make him more calmer and relaxed.
A friend also took her son when he was about 4 due to difficulties in his behaviour and there was defiately some improvement.
I do think it is worth a try, when I took my son the practitioner was able to say at the first visit if she was able to help and also told me when she did not think she could do anymore.
Hope this helps

improvingslowly Tue 20-Feb-07 21:19:44

thank you issyissyissy

sleepysooz Tue 20-Feb-07 22:41:31

Sorry, what is cranial osteopathy?
My DS11 goes to a brain gym, is this a similar thing, there is also the 'DORE' programme, both work with symetrical exercises. My son has dyslexia and dyspraxia, which cause him to have aggressive outbursts, (his own coping strategies and frustrations)

Will watch thread, good luck!

FluffyMummy123 Tue 20-Feb-07 22:42:18

Message withdrawn

Finbar Tue 20-Feb-07 22:45:02

hello icod - evryone friendly tonight?

PS I tried cranial osteopathy for my DD when she w\s a few months old , for colic and screaming, it worked a treat!

FluffyMummy123 Tue 20-Feb-07 22:45:26

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Tue 20-Feb-07 22:45:37

Message withdrawn

Finbar Tue 20-Feb-07 22:48:16

yep I know he is 8 - ws just trying to be vaguely supportive!

improvingslowly Tue 20-Feb-07 23:12:36

8 yr old, not SN, does get more cross than average child at small thing, (also has low self confidence which we are working on separately...)

i had read that cranial osteopahty helps young children with colic etc, and wondered if anyone had experience with older children (... not really is the answer i think!

sleepy sooz - as i understand it, during birth, bones in head get squashed, can lead to discomfort/difficulties etc in child. cranial osteopaths sort of feel where the squashed bit is and gradually manipulate bones to better position i think...)

nb finbar thank you for being vaguely supportive!

stoppinattwo Wed 21-Feb-07 12:29:04

agree with cod, a good 12 hour sleep usually does the trick with my DS too, he gets very emotional when hes had a few too many late nights

sleepysooz Wed 21-Feb-07 12:31:02

improvingslowly - arn't I the dipiest bird on this earth, oh well!

Anyway, I also have 3yo twins and the boy had a squashed head at birth, its still mis-shaped to the extent of hats falling off and helmets not fitting, I didn't know there was something that could be done, my doctor just said it will probably go by the time he is six, but from birth to now it hasn't improved at all, he doesn't have any spatial awareness, so I am now thinking the doctor was telling me porkies!

NAB3 Wed 21-Feb-07 12:42:23

We have used it for our baby and it was fantastic.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 21-Feb-07 14:00:34

Message withdrawn

stoppinattwo Wed 21-Feb-07 18:08:25

It is easily misunderstood as bad behaviour, but they just dont have the energy to be good, DS will torment DD and then if i mention it to him he bursts into tears and exits the room dramatically.

<<back of hand raised to forehead>>

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