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Almost 3yo behaviour

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wildlingtribe Tue 20-Dec-16 07:44:14

He's the most intelligent little boy, happy a lot of the time but also has so many big emotions. Determined, headstrong but lovable.

The issues: he went off his food ages ago but doesn't get why he's angry, hungry a lot.

Mornings: he's so angry in the mornings, rage is something fierce. Punching things, screaming and shouting, power struggles.

He rages that bad his veins bulge out of his neck.

He does pick up on his older sisters sayings sometimes (4&6) but the constant outbursts are breaking us. He gets to the point of no return, I try to help, soothe, point out feelings but it's pointless and we end up snapping at each other.

This isn't going to be a nice Christmas with it being such an unhappy house. We have 8mo, DS nearly 3, 4,6. Our 4yo is of a similar nature too, but it's been him lately.

The food situation though is pointless, porridge he will eat, anything else. NO. Dinner, NO.

He's got the brain of a 4/5yo so I think he finds it hard to process his advanced emotions but I'm at my wits end, and when times are like this I always think I'm the issue by not doing a good job.

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