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3.5 year old extremely hyper from eating oranges??

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lyssie29 Sun 18-Dec-16 08:19:35

Hi my 3.5 year sometimes goes extremely hyper bouncing off the walls, going way over the top with things, she ends up hurting people and doesn't listen when ppl tell her to stop you have to literally push her away (gently) or carry her away. When she gets like this there's no reasoning with her. Taking away toys, timeout etc doesn't work and it almost always ends up with her having a massive tantrum as she doesn't get her own way. I've never seen a child so hyper. Someone suggested sweeteners etc but she doesn't have any really. She hardly has sweets she doesn't like them, hardly any chocolate, the odd diluted squash as she prefers milk. She was fine when she got up this morning but I gave her an orange and all of as sudden about 5 minutes after she ate it she was going crazy bouncing and jumping every where rolling around the floor. Can oranges do this?

Wigeon Sun 18-Dec-16 08:21:10

Sounds like being a three year old to me. Does she do it when you aren't giving her 100% attention? E.g. when you are getting breakfast read, getting dressed yourself, sending an email etc?

lyssie29 Sun 18-Dec-16 08:31:44

Yeah a lot of the times it is and she has a 14 month old sister and she does get a bit jealous. In fact they both hate the other getting attention. Please tell me it'll pass soon 🙄

Groovee Sun 18-Dec-16 08:34:05

We had a child in nursery who went off the walls when she had orange. Mum took her off them and we didn't give at nursery and there was a massive change in her.

JeepersMcoy Sun 18-Dec-16 08:38:09

I think you are looking for causation that doesn't exist (though oranges can be very exciting). This sounds pretty normal 3 year old behaviour. They are just insane a lot of the time I'm afraid. I also find that when dd gets like that trying to take toys away, time out, etc just escalates things as she gets a good argument and has something to fight against. The best approach with her is to just not engage as much as possible. Be very calm and boring repeating that we don't hit, scream, jump on the furniture, etc... If you don't give her the attention she wants she eventually gets bored and calms down.

lyssie29 Sun 18-Dec-16 09:40:45

@JeepersMcoy I guess I am. It's just like a switch one minute she is nice and playing happily and the next she really does go insane. I'll try not engaging see if that helps. I have noticed she does get worse after eating oranges also so I'll keep her off hen for now and see how her behaviour is.

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