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Should 15mo be this clingy?

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UnicornInDMboots Fri 16-Dec-16 20:17:37

Hi all
Wonder if you can give any opinions?
My DD is 15 months. I'm a SAHM so she has never been to childcare.
She was looked after at about 8 months by her grandma's while I briefly went to work but since then alwsys me.

She is super happy and friendly and hitting all milestones.
She is also insanely clingy and I'm wondering if this is normal?

For example my husband was working at home today as he does on Fridays. He came to get DD to bath her. But the second I left the room she became hysterical. He managed to undress her and was trying everything he could to calm her down. He got her in the bath but she kept screaming. I came into the bathroom as he asked me to as neither of us wanted her this distressed. She immediately started to calm down but was reaching for me. I gave her a kiss and told her I'd stay in the bathroom and backed off a little bit to stand behind DH. Immediately screaming and hysterical again. DH decided to go because it wasn't fair on DD and as soon as I sat by the bath she calmed down and was happy and giggling again.

This is every time I'm not there. I can't leave her in the room with DH and go and make some food or do some cleaning as she screams and thinks I've gone . He has to pick her up and follow me around .

When it's just me and her all day I can leave the room as she seems to understand I'm here. But if anyone else is with us she seems to just panic that I'm about to leave.

It's worth nothing the following :
- she adores her dad. Absolutely adores him. He gets up with her on weekday mornings (as he works long hours and wants to see her ) and as she hasn't yet seen me she is absolutely fine with me not being there.
- we have never done any sleep training and at 15 months we are still rocking her to sleep. (Whole other issue I know !)
- she sleeps well and naps well so she isn't overtired.

Is this nromal? Or have I done / am I doing something to make this worse.

Please do be honest because i don't want to be doing something to negatively affect her (being so clingy she is distressed this much !!). She's my first child so I've not experienced this before!

Many thanks sorry for this being long just wanted you to have all info!

redheadbarmaid Fri 16-Dec-16 21:08:08

My ds is 16 months and been really clingy the past couple of months. Just came on all of a sudden!
Not easy trying to cook/go to the toilet etc with a toddler hanging from your leg is it?!
Have u thought about a creche?
My ds goes to one 2 mornings a week and as much as he kicked off when I left the first few times he now loves it and walks in on his own without a backward glance!
Nice to have some time to myself and good for him too imo

UnicornInDMboots Fri 16-Dec-16 22:45:18

She went to a crèche for s few occasions when I had physio appointments.
Thr first few times she was absolutely fine and the staff were amazed since she had never been left before and she didn't cry once.
The last few times she has either howled the whole time or won't let anyone put her down and has to be cuddled the whole time.
Anyway I do agree some sort of regular childcare wojld be good but we live in central London and that crèche wss the one reasonable priced one but they've upped their rates now so it isnr an option sad

We are relocating in spring and then TTC #2 so we will definitely find regular childcare then where she can settle properly

redheadbarmaid Sat 17-Dec-16 00:40:45

Just remember it's a phase that will pass, quickly I hope!
It's hard work but she obviously loves her mamma!

UnicornInDMboots Sat 17-Dec-16 07:41:31

Thank you! Oh I don't mind at all - I just feel a bit gutted for DH whenever he wants to bath her or put her to bed she becomes hysterical! He says he doesn't mind as he knows full well this is how kids are, and he says it's obvious as she spends all day every day with me....but he has admitted he is a bit sad about it !!

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