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used potty properly for first time - help

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hayleyhew Sun 18-Feb-07 19:27:03

My 3 year old son finally did a poo on potty today. He keeps saying he is going to do it getting on potty then saying he cant put his nappy back on to do it. Anyway today he said do poo poo on potty we were back and forth from potty to toilet for 10 mins, adament didnt want nappy on and finally he did it on potty. He then wanted big boys pants on. I gave him the promised present he phoned grandma and she came to see him. He has had pants on this afternoon and told me when he wants a wee no problem. I have put a nappy on him for bed. He is saying do poo in nappy tomorrow and then in next breath do poo on potty and get another present - what do I do? Push for potty and then scrape together another pressy? Or if he is adament he wants nappy on tomorrow dont make a deal about it? Help

Twiglett Sun 18-Feb-07 19:38:23

if you want to do a reward for the first few ones then do it .. but give him a chocolate button or something .. not a present .. and lots of fuss

chocolateshoes Sun 18-Feb-07 19:39:40

have you got a star chart type thing going? This would encourage & reward...

3andnomore Sun 18-Feb-07 19:42:46

I think a rewrad chart might be a better idea, with a present at the end!
If your ds is like mine of the hesitent disposition with the poos, then he will need further encouragement until it's a regular thing doing it on the potty or toilet even...
and well done to you and your son...poos can be a challange

hayleyhew Mon 19-Feb-07 18:28:07

back to nappies - started off well this a.m. then by dinner time (after what seemed like 200 sits on potty/toilet) did a little poo on toilet. Then I noticed that he was holding his belly a lot and doing little in pain dances. Talked to him and he said he needed his nappy on - I put it on and he did a poo straight away and another one half hour after. He just really struggles doing them anywhere else but in his nappy. I am backing off from pants again now. Cant help feeling a bit low about it all though - of course not letting him see it though.

3andnomore Thu 22-Feb-07 13:39:43

I really sympathise with you....!
Have you tried laying an open Nappy into the Potty...I have heard this can be succesful (not for us though).
The way we do it is, that we keep the nappies off as much as we can in the daytime (basically all the time now)...but, my ds, even though he is 4 now, still wears a Nightnappy and if he really needs to go then he will do it in their...the only thing I do about that is trying to encourage him to still tell me!
My ds's problem was, that he had constipation for a long time (and I was not listened to by HP's about this), but he now is on Movicol to help him with that...but also that he always stood up for a poo...and I suppose it just is a "different" feeling then sitting down!
I know it's really frustrating, but apparnelty it is a very typical Boything, this withholding!
Best of luck!

hayleyhew Sun 25-Feb-07 09:03:08

yeah, tried the nappy in potty.Think you might be right about the standing up thing.He has always gone off into a corner and stood up and done one.Think I am going to leave it to Easter and try again.

elandjacksmum Tue 27-Feb-07 21:11:52

Not sure if you do this anyway, but it was recommended to me to put a stool or similar infront of toilet which child can push down on with feet. Might just be vaguely related to the standing up thing. Unless your child is particularly tall the normal child step won't be high enough to be helpful. I bought an extra high one from Ikea, but before that turned bathroom bin upside down or used telephone directories on top of stool if stuck! Not 100% successful but may have made a bit of a difference for us.

I agree about the present/star chart thing. I promise a present after 3 or 5 stars. Kinder eggs seem to be a good reward and can often get packs of three on offer (Home Bargains had some recently!)

Good luck.

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