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4yo aggressive and not sleeping

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MrsJervis Thu 15-Dec-16 21:54:42

DD (4) has always been a tricky customer. Her behaviour at home towards two older brothers, me and DH is very aggressive (tho' she's better at school, I'm told). She's always found it difficult to separate from us to go to nursery, and now to school. She's never really slept through the night and comes in to our bed every night. DH takes her back to her own bed, where she screams and screams, whether he stays with her or not. Her sleep problems have become really bad over the last two weeks - she's terrified of going to sleep, says she can hear frightening noises, wakes regularly unless she's in with us. We're all exhausted, all the time. I'm sure that the aggression, the problems with separation, and the sleep issues are all connected, but I really don't know how to begin to approach them. Any thoughts, anyone?

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:12:19

That all sounds really tough and the sleep deprivation is a killer isn't it thanks.

I'd go to the GP. Take someone with you if you think you may get fobbed off.

In the meantime, could you put her to sleep in your bed? Would she sleep that way?

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