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What's next?(silent reflux)

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user1480105008 Thu 15-Dec-16 21:20:19

Hi there everyone,
My problem is that my 10 week old baby has silent reflux. She's had it for a while now, we've tried food thickener which worked for a while and now we are using gaviscon. The gavisxon worked yesterday but today she was just as unsettled. She doesn't cry a lot (I don't let her) but in the day she is generally unsettled. She still feeds every 1.5-2hours she won't sleep longer than 30-40 min. By the time she falls asleep she is up again for a feed. She cries out in her sleep. She has lots of hiccups. I end up comforting her all day, dealing with her, but I have a 2 year old who needs my attention too. I feel so guilty and sometimes annoyed by the situation I'm in. GP prescribed renetidin but my husband refuses to give it to her because he had to take it and it made him feel horrible so he doesn't vwant ourbl daughter to feel that way. He says I should just accept that our daughter is a difficult baby and not try to fill her with remedies. I don't think he believes that our daughter has got a problem (that's silent reflux for u)so regarding this issue I don't really get support from him. she is so good on a good day but this week she had more bad days. Even in the sling she won't sleep long now. I could go on and on about symptoms and how changeable it is with her but I'm sure people who had silent reflux baby will know what it's like. My question is, is there any other remedy that I can get the GP to prescribe that's not nasty like renetidin but treats silent reflux? I know how good my daughter can be on a good day and I'm worried she is hurting. She is a windy baby too so it's enough for me to try to deal with that. So if you can then please help me with your stories and suggestions. Thanks

tireddotcom72 Thu 15-Dec-16 21:33:24

My daughter started on gaviscon but didn't really work and since then has alternated between ranitidine and omneprazole. As a baby I found raising cot to angle helped, not lying her down for 20 mins after a feed, not letting her go to long between feeds ( fed on routine not demand - getting to point where she cried when hungry made her worse) dr also suggested she slept on her stomach not back ( totally against advice but it worked she was much more settled) she has slept on her stomach ever since and is 13 now. I was breast feeding and found certain foods I was eating made her worse so ended up on a bland diet. The sling helped as did putting her in her car seat to sleep she was nearly upright I suppose so comfier for her.

It's hard going finding what will work and exhausting. Her record was 16hrs of non stop screaming! But eventually it did get easier. I just remember thinking one day oh she hasn't screamed all day - she was nearly 1!

Once she was weaned it did improve but she never grew out of it and still has medication for reflux but over the years we have learnt to manage it x

Good luck - and please keep nagging the doctor to find Meds that work - tell your husband she is not a difficult baby she is in pain and telling you the only way she knows how x

MrsSunshine27 Fri 16-Dec-16 14:37:03

Great advice above.
My daughter had silent reflux so I truly sympathise with you.
Have you looked into her potentially having a milk allergy? My daughter has a milk allergy and she had awful silent reflux, very windy with stomach pains, screamed all the time. She was put onto a hypoallergenic formula which did help to a degree.
We used Gaviscon at first, it made her very bunged up, ranitadine didn't help her at all (I agree with your husband too - I took ranitadine for a while and felt dreadful!) then she went on Omeprazole. To be honest the thing that helped the most was Gaviscon and Carobel used together but your daughter may be too young for that.
If you don't want to go down the medication route we kept our daughter propped up for at least half an hour after a feed (nightmare during night feeds but it's what needed to be done). She had a reflux wedge in her moses basket.
We saw a cranial osteopath and that helped massively too.
It will get easier smile especially when she can sit up on her own xx

user1480105008 Fri 16-Dec-16 15:14:23

Thank you Ladies, I've tried carobel and it did work for a while but I found it quite difficult to give as I'm breastfeeding my daughter. I missed the GP's call today so I'll stick to Gaviscon for the weekend. I have thought about milk allergy I did give Colief a try but it didn't do anything. I have my morning cerial with almond milk (have done it for a month) but I haven't cut out all the other dairy products. Do you think I should? I wish there was an easier way of telling whether she has milk allergy or not. I'd love to try the cranial osteopath too but my hubby doesn't believe in these kind of things so he says no to that. He doesn't want me to waste money on that. What do you know about Omeprazol?is it nasty like renetidin?thank you for your repleies ladies!

SausageSoda Fri 16-Dec-16 15:18:31

My 5 month old had silent reflux and was also diagnosed as CPMI at approx 11 weeks and has been on nutramigen since then. She still had trapped wind after diagnosis. After trying various things incl gaviscon I found gripe water worked best. A teaspoon in each bottle.

Carobel had an awful effect on DD

MrsSunshine27 Fri 16-Dec-16 15:39:58

Colief is just a lactase enzyme, if she's got a cows milk allergy it wouldn't help as it's the protein in milk she would be allergic to not lactose the sugar if you get me.
I'd explore a milk allergy before trying Omeprazole if it's something that can be remedied easily before trying medication. Omeprazole is quite strong and weaning my daughter off it took about 2 months and anytime we went too quick she got horrendous rebound acid. I'm not even sure it helped, she still had reflux when on it. Thickeners helped the best and weaning. It won't hurt to try a couple of weeks completely dairy free.
I swore by my little girl seeing a cranial osteopath, the change in her was amazing, she is 2 now and I still occasionally take her as she helps with a stomach prob she has xx

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