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2.5 yr old hides when upset

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pixiebell79 Wed 07-Dec-16 13:05:22

My 2.5yr old boy hides whenever he is upset or gets told off. I'm not sure how to handle it as he rejects any attempts at reassurance. I'm concerned that something in my behaviour towards him may have caused this - we have plenty of cuddles and he sits with me for books etc. I'm hardly a scary mummy, so feel like I'm missing something here...

Stepmum123 Tue 27-Dec-16 18:10:02

Is it like sulking? Does he make a grumpy face or cross his arms or stamp his foot or storm off? If you leave him will he realise that actually he's missing out on the fun of life and come back out after having thought things over for himself for a while? My 3y/o DSS is a sulker amd that's just how he copes with being upset he's storms off and sulks the realises he's missing out and comes running back for cuddles after a minute or 2. Weirdly my mum says I was very similar at that age!

Alorsmum Tue 27-Dec-16 18:56:06

My DD does this. I just leave her to it. When she's ready to come back in the room we have a big hug. I see it as her just putting herself in a bit of time out when her emotions overwhelm ber

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