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Do you ever get time for yourself?

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PoppyThankful Tue 29-Nov-16 10:32:19

Life is so busy for anyone with kids, and when developmental delays and all the appointments, therapies and challenges they bring are factored in, it can seem even more so.

Do you manage to get time for yourself in amongst the chaos? What do you like to do with that time, however limited?

Amithenormalone Tue 29-Nov-16 10:36:38

I don't get time for myself. I have 3 dcs 2 dcs with sn and find myself running from one appointment to the next everyday while trying to fit food shopping and house cleaning in between. Dh works and has a long commute to and from work everyday. It literally is sort dcs all day attend appointments cook dinner for dh and me to eat athe 9pm when he gets in end up going to bed by 9.30 exhausted and barely get any sleep as dc3 is a nightmare sleeper day starts again around 5am-6am start routine of dashing around all over again. It never seems to end at all.

nephrofox Tue 29-Nov-16 10:36:39

Right now I'm layed on the sofa about to go for a run.

I've had to take the morning off work to manage it though

NickyEds Tue 29-Nov-16 16:14:53

Dc go to bed at 7.30 so I can do more or less what I like in the evening. I tend to go to the pub to meet my dad and sister one evening a week and I do slimming world one evening a week-on these two days dp puts the kids to bed as I leave before 7.30. I occasionally do something at weekends but not very often, I went to see my neice at university a couple of weeks ago so left at 10am and didn't get home until 11pm but that's quite unusual.

KW89 Sun 04-Dec-16 15:12:18

DS1 3years and DS2 1year are in bed by 7.30 so we get three hours until we go to bed each night. Monday DH goes to play darts at the pub during which time I get the ironing done and any other little jobs that need doing. I go out occasionally while DH stays with the kids, once a month one of my sisters will come over while the boys are sleeping so we can have a date night. Majority of the time though we just cuddle up and watch TV or a movie, or have a boardgame and takeaway night!

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