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Possible developmental delay or something more?

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mscongeniality Mon 28-Nov-16 10:18:20

Hi mums!

I just wanted to post to get your opinions based on your own experiences.

My son is coming up to 20 months now, but he was 5.5 weeks premature. He didn't need anytime at NICU as apart from being tiny, he didn't need any assistance with breathing and didn't have any issues. I couldn't breastfeed due to hardly any supply (had an emcs so perhaps that contributed) so he was primarily formula fed since birth.

Most of his developmental and physical milestones were slightly delayed although not noticeably so. He is now running, climbing, all his motor skills are great so physically he's all caught up.

His teeth took ages, his first tooth came out at about 16 months and now he's got 6 at the top and 1 finally coming through at the bottom.

My concern is with his cognitive and behavioural development. He was never an overly affectionate baby, he was happy to be put down and didn't need cuddling at all, even to sleep. From early on he has been a good sleeper and now sleeps through and takes a good afternoon nap as well. I just have to lay him down in his cot and he plays with his comfort flannel and drifts off. So in that regards he is very good and I feel lucky.
Now he is slowly showing more physical affection, if we get down to his level he will come running over for a hug. He's a very happy child, smiles and laughs a lot. He claps a lot, but doesn't wave or point. I have been trying to show him how to do both for ages, and he does wave 1/20 times if he's in the mood. Today I tried to point at something, and he lifted his finger up to mine too so I guess that's progress?

He generally loves being around people and other children. He spends one day at nursery and has had no issue with settling in.

Lastly my biggest concern is his speech. Still no words, even mama or dada. He babbles/chatters a lot though, starts chattering away every morning in his cot and through out the day. Just nothing legible. I have already taken him to a SALT drop in session and at the moment they want to wait and see as he is still young. That's why I wanted to get some outside opinions about what I should, if anything. He doesn't really follow any commands so many times I don't think he understand what we say to him. But he can get across his needs through other sounds etc.

He had an audiology appointment last week and he did really well, so no hearing issues.

Sorry for this being sooo long but I just wanted to put it all down somewhere. My husband believes he will just get there in his own time and most of the time I feel the same way but I do worry as well.

Thank you!

user1477282676 Mon 28-Nov-16 12:43:01

I have a nephew who didn't say Mama or anything at all at 20 months. He's 2 and a bit now and says far more than that. It all seemed to happen over night when he hit two.

For me, the main issue would be the lack of understanding of commands....I think I would go back and see a GP and ask for a referral. He sounds marvellous by the way and from what you say, it doesn't sound worrying to me.

Some DC just take a bit longer than others.

strawberrybubblegum Tue 29-Nov-16 07:27:56

You're doing all the right things:getting his hearing checked, and going to the SALT drop in. Hopefully they'll have some great suggestions for different ways to encourage his speech.

I'd be inclined to ask the GP for a referral too. These things take a long time to come through, so it's as well to get the ball rolling and if it turns our not to be necessary then nothing is lost.

NickyEds Tue 29-Nov-16 16:20:02

I wouldn't be overly concerned about his talking just yet, he's not even 2.
The pointing and apparent lack of understanding would concern me tbh. Have you seen the health visitor or gp? Might be worth a trip. Have you had a look at the M CHAT test?

mscongeniality Tue 29-Nov-16 16:37:48

Hi Nicky!

Yes I have already seen the HV and gotten a referral to the local Speech and Language Development Centre. Incidentally they just called me this morning saying they've had a cancellation for tomorrow, so I will be taking him in for an initial assessment.

I have taken him to the GP as well and she referred him for an Audiology Appointment which he had last week and all is clear with his hearing.

So I've made another appointment for next week as a follow up.

I am trying to do all I can even though I know he's not yet even 2, but his lack of understanding is prompting me to be proactive now rather than later.

I have done the M Chat Test as well and I think it said 'low to moderate risk'? I'll have to do it again I think.

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