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Doesntlooklikeanythingtome Wed 23-Nov-16 15:51:28

Seasoned parents ... What do you do? I'd like to stand back but it leads to mega tantrums because my LO get frustrated?

Scenario: Child is playing with a plate of toy bagels and cakes at playgroup. Has collected a nice bunch and has them all stored neatly in a box. Another child wanders over and snatches the play food out of her box and takes them away. This leads to a full leg kick screaming tantrum. I'm thinking well it's not really our toys and she has plenty there but she doesn't want to share. I try to show her all the others she has but she wants the set she originally had. I wouldn't like it if my child snatched and would demand they give the toy back. What do you do when it's your child that has to let go. Also then it leads to a full blown tantrum because they haven't learnt to stand up for themselves and the other child hasn't learnt to share. Other child was with a nanny. I haven't had to say share to another child, I prefer to look after my own and let others speak to their children about their behaviour. Would you say something? Do you intervene?

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