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Confidence building for dd 9yrs

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moikk Wed 23-Nov-16 14:00:58

Hi... My dd, only child, summer baby has always been the youngest (and shortest) in her school class... although does well academically. In the two schools she's attended so far she's managed to attract/gravitate towards a posse of forceful characters who find her an easy target - and I tackle this with school and parents as much as I can. But her confidence seems easily knocked. And I'm very conscious that she doesn't feel confident enough in school to 'just go for it'. I'm desperate to break a vicious circle especially headed into the 11+... and as I don't have the super power to just give her a lasting confidence boost so that she finds the strength and learns that she can stand up for herself, I need some external help. So please, dear Mumsnet, I'm open to any suggestions and recommendations... books, services, things that have worked for you to build a child's confidence. thanks!! confused

SittingDrinkingTea Wed 23-Nov-16 14:10:51

Would she be open to the idea of joining a drama club? Learning performance skills is something that can often do wonders for a child's confidence and it might give her a different circle of friends away from school.

nerdymum Wed 30-Nov-16 18:17:07

I'm an only child and was also one of the youngest in my year. I went to afterschool drama lessons (although I suck at performing). Was able to be myself and made good friends there!

Is your DD quite creative? Maybe something related to drawing/painting/writing will make her express herself using art.

If she is more physical, non competitive sports are great as they have less pressure than formal team sports. Martial arts (great for confidence!) or dance could be options to consider?

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