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6mo DD is so boisterous!

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EagleRay Tue 22-Nov-16 18:51:13

I feel a bit daft writing this as DD is so young but it's driving me round the twist.

DD2 is just over 6mo and was extremely large at birth (>10lb). She's always been very loud (I had tinnitus for a few months because of the pitch of her screaming). She's very strong and prefers to be held in a standing position or held upright and always seems to have flailing arms and just generally goes for people's faces.

When I feed her, she always manages to grab the skin on the underside of my arm, pinch it and twist it - got several bruises now. Same goes for throat - grab, pinch, twist, which is agony.

I've been poorly in bed today and most of the time she's been lying beside me. I've been kicked repeatedly, bitten in the face (she has one tooth at mo) and then just now head butted really hard which really upset me as I've got a splitting headache anyway.

Despite this, she's generally smiley and very sociable but she's just so rough!

Anyone else had a baby like this? I'm a bit flummoxed as DD1 was so placid confused

tappitytaptap Wed 23-Nov-16 13:53:03

My almost 8 month old DS is a bit like this, lots of hitting, pinching, grabbing everything. Am just finishing up breastfeeding which is good as he twists and plays with my nipple too! No advice here just sympathy..I am dreading him starting to move more (just sitting, rolling and trying to wriggle like a worm at the moment). He is a very happy boy so is grinning up at you whilst he pulls your hair and slaps you! I think 'spirited' is a good description...wink

Pipsicola Thu 24-Nov-16 08:07:21

My 8 month old DD was/is just like this. Definitely 'spirited'. She's just so interested in life and wanting to get involved, so although it can be challenging it is a real positive. Having said that feeling like being in a fight most breast feeds can get frustrating at times.

I've no major solutions but I've always got a little toy/rattle with me so that she can play with that rather than my face. Now that she can move (roll from one side of room to other) and sit up independently, I put her in the centre of our living room carpet with loads of toys and she moves around or sits in the middle playing/thrashing/throwing them whilst screaming at the top of her voice quite contentedly for hours. TBH her 'spiritedness' is one of my favourite things about her - think it shows real personality!

Camomila Thu 24-Nov-16 09:47:54

My 7.5m old DS is like this too, I can't leave him anywhere for a minute and spend the day fishing him out from where he's crawled under the coffee table or tried to get on top of the toy box.
I even have to wee really quickly now as he pulls to stand in the cot, then gets tired lets go and falls down.
He's another one that shows his love by walking you in the face, trying to eat your nose, pull hair etc...
And when he gets distracted and sits up halfway through a feed...Ouch!

The jumperoo is a life saver for getting 15mins to sit down and drink tea.

thisismyname4today Thu 24-Nov-16 09:57:23

DS1 was similar. So many times I got 'nutted'. I worried for my front teeth for months and months. Mostly heavy head and insufficient control, worse when he was tired.

Not that relevant but when he was about 18 months he went through a phase of kicking me - hard. No malice, but it made me so sad. That was just a phase. He's a gentle sole now.

Jumperoo great idea.

Lots of space around her till she has more control, keep a safe distance whenever possible grin

Hope you feel better soon flowers

Cellardoor23 Thu 24-Nov-16 21:20:36

My 6 month old DS is like this. He's always trying to stand up and appears to get bored easily. One minute he wants cuddled, the next he wants to crawl along the sofa, then cuddled again.

Nappy changes are eventful. It takes me about 15 minutes now as he's constantly turning around or trying to crawl away. He's always wanting to be on the move.

I have a jumperoo and it has been a life saver! He can't squirm his way out of it either and hurt himself.

This is my first so I have no idea if this is normal at his age or if he is just a naturally boisterous baby!

Silversun83 Thu 01-Dec-16 13:46:43

I have a 'spirited' six-month-old too.. She's constantly on the go, into anything and everything. She rolled over fairly early (3 months) and now isn't far from crawling (rocking on hands and knees, bunny-hopping, literally throwing herself forward!!). She also does the grabbing the throat thing too! Feeding her has become a bit of a nightmare recently as she just tries to roll off my lap constantly.. It can take an hour to feed her 6oz! It is quite tiring but I also see it as a positive.. I think she's just very interested in the world. Taking her out to groups etc helps though I prioritise her naps as when she's overtired she gets even more hyper! Third the jumperoo.. It is literally her most favourite thing in the world though limit her to 10-15 mins at a time as she goes so crazy any longer would probably cause her some damage...

Silversun83 Thu 01-Dec-16 13:47:49

Oh and also find nappy changes/getting her dressed a nightmare.. Always trying to roll away. Sometimes I find giving her a small toy helps distract her for a bit but other times nothing works!

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Thu 01-Dec-16 13:50:19

My son was the same, wild since the day he was born. He's 2 now and still the same.

TronaldDump Thu 01-Dec-16 14:00:41

DS2 is the same. Big baby, such a happy little soul but always pinching and grabbing. He walked at 10 months and now at 12 months is starting to run. But me twice this morning then looked up and grinned when I shouted hmm he's going to be trouble!

SpeakNoWords Thu 01-Dec-16 15:44:53

When you're feeding her, can you trap her lower arm under her and then hold her upper hand so she can't pinch you? Or maybe try a different feeding position? You can also get nursing necklaces for them to fiddle with, which might help.

I agree with keeping out of her range until she's able to control herself a bit more.

PerspicaciaTick Thu 01-Dec-16 15:49:04

whispers...(we bought a jumperoo for DS)

LifeLong13 Thu 01-Dec-16 16:11:03

My daughter was the same....she's now 16 months and known as Bruiser. She has softened and knows what gentle means! We say gentle or careful a lot more than we say no blush

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