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Potty training during night

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Spingroll16 Mon 21-Nov-16 10:36:06

Hi all,

After much needed advice as I am due to have my baby in April, and need to get this cracked before then!

My 3y/o SS has been potty trained day and night for about 4 months. He is very good, rarely will have an accident and was a breeze to toilet train..

But... he still wakes me up in the night to tell me he needs a wee! Despite the potty being next to his bed, he has a nightlight so he can see it, he's got a lightup teddy so that helps him see it too. He knows it is there, we've explained he can go to the toilet himself and get back into bed, but he STILL shouts for me, and he literally just says 'I need to go potty' when its right next to his bed!!

in the day, he takes himself off to the toilet, doesn't need any help or anything... but I really want to crack this waking me up in the night as its just exhausting, having to get up with him to tell him 'go for a wee then, and get back to bed' .. when I am up in the night 4 or 5 each night due to a baby bouncing on my bladder!!

Sorry its long, need some help!!!

Seeline Mon 21-Nov-16 10:39:09

Would a reward chart work with him?

I realise that you probably don't want to cause more disturbance but could you just call out an 'OK' to him rather than getting up and going into him each time?

babyblabber Mon 21-Nov-16 10:59:45

How long are you planning on keeping a potty beside his bed? Personally I think that's kind of gross. For the two I've trained I just left them in pull ups at night til they were dry overnight. DS took about 6 months, DD about 3 weeks. They very very rarely get up to pee at night but when they do, at the ages of 7 & 4, they will always come in to us to announce it so I'm not surprised your DS calls you. I think they don't like the idea of being up out of the bed when the grown ups are asleep.

nennyrainbow Mon 21-Nov-16 11:03:26

Is he having a drink before bedtime? If you could maybe cut his fluid intake for the hour or two before bed, and make sure he goes to the toilet before bed, then that might solve the problem.

InsaneDame Mon 21-Nov-16 11:27:17

My eldest was night trained at 26 months and from that age to about 4.5 years old I would get up with him once a night when he needed to wee - by the time he started school he was able to go the whole night without needing to go. I think it's just part of parenting - some kids are happy to go it alone, some aren't. I'm the 2nd eldest of 7 children and I vividly remember having to accompany younger siblings to the toilet during the night (it was downstairs, practically outside so I don't blame them but it was hard as a teenager to get up in the night, often more than once!)

Spingroll16 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:28:41

It has been beside his bed, and by the corner of the room. We've tried to cut drinks back before bed, and some times he'll sleep through, but more often than not he will wake up to tell me.

We've tried a pull up, but for some reason now he is terrified of using the pull up? He will scream and become hysterical if I try and explain its ok to have a wee in a pull up! So he is just in normal underpants. ]

This weekend he'd drank two bottles of juice and fell asleep during tea, so we let him go for a wee and then we put him in bed. He woke up 4 times in the night for the toilet, and then at about 7am he wet the bed!

I just don't know what else to try... Never done this before!

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