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Toddler appetite changing

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onedayimightforget Sun 20-Nov-16 08:45:39

My daughter is nearly 3. She's always been a really good eater, she prefers savoury food to sweet so she's never been overly keen on fruit but she loves vegetables. Recently though she just doesn't seem to eat very much at meal times. We're going through a phase where she wants to do everything herself so we're trying to let her have some freedom with it and teaching her the right way to do things. So this morning she wanted to do her breakfast - she put the weetabix (which she chose) and the milk in the bowl but after about 3 or 4 spoonfuls she said she was finished and didn't want anymore. This is typical at the moment. Then after an hour or so she'll say she's very hungry. She usually does this when we're out so she ends up with more snacky food - crackers, toddler biscuits etc which isn't ideal. As she won't really eat fruit and doesn't particularly like raw vegetables, it's a bit difficult to get any fruit/veg in to her this way. Does anyone have any tips of either healthier, more balanced snacks? Or ways to encourage her to eat her meals?

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