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How to handle Constant low level disobedience

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handsfree Thu 17-Nov-16 12:48:36

My 5 year old ds is driving me bonkers.
If I want him to do something I have to ask him a minimum of 5 times before he'll even acknowledge me.
If I want him to not do something or stop doing something.... well he just looks right at me and carries right on!

I find that I end up shouting and making stupid threats (like this morning I told him I was going to put his reading log in the bin if he didn't put it back in his school bag like he's been told)
I feel like I have totally lost my patience with him and I am just in his back all the time.

He is actually for the most part pretty lovely, and we're not talking major naughtiness, it's relatively minor things but it's just the never ending not doing as he's told. Sometimes he's an angel!! He's in reception and loving it and his teachers think he's great.

I think/hope this is pretty typical behaviour so I need to find a way to manage it better that doesn't involve shouting and saying stupid things in the spur of the moment that of course id never actually do!

Do people have a standard threat that works?!? grin or any other suggestions greatfully received!

handsfree Thu 17-Nov-16 12:54:40

I should add this started before he started school so not connected to that!

AmberEars Thu 17-Nov-16 12:57:16

Have you read 'How to Talk so Kids Listen and Listen so Kids Talk'? Lots of good ideas there!

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