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2.10 year old regressing to babyish behaviour.

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BookTart Tue 15-Nov-16 09:16:11

DD will be 3 in January. She is bright and funny, with excellent language skills and seems to have no trouble with understanding most things.

Since we started with potty training (at her request) she has started to regress to babyish behaviour - wanting to be spoon fed/bottle fed, refusing to walk anywhere, screaming at nursery drop off etc. The first attempt at potty training ended when she decided after 6 weeks that she didn't like it, and just went back to soiling herself. As she was still clean and dry in a pull up at nursery, and as she requested to wear knickers again, we started again a week ago. We had a really good week, with only three wee accidents, but it seems that she has decided again that it isn't for her. The babyish behaviour has started again, and she has told me that she doesn't want to use the toilet or potty because it makes her sad. She is still clean and dry at nursery, so it seems to be entirely behavioural.

I am happy to baby her a bit, and will feed her/carry her within reason, but the screaming at nursery drop off and refusal to use the potty are horrible and I don't know what to do about it. There are no other changes in her life, no siblings or family break ups at all, no change to her usual routine. I hate the thought of her being so upset, but I also don't want to give her the message that she can be a baby forever, and also that she can keep going back and forth like this all the time. Is there anything I can do to help her with this transition, which she seems to be finding so difficult?

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