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Not great ofsted report and my struggling DD

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Mumtotwo22 Mon 14-Nov-16 22:19:58

Not sure if this is in the right place (so sorry if it's not!) my DD is 7 and is struggling abit with school. She's an intelligent happy child and loves her friends and teacher and has no real problems with school. She is struggling abit with phonics and reading and is having extra help at school with group reading sessions and one on one help with a TA.
The school has recently had their ofsted inspection and for the second year it has been rated as 'requires improvement ' (second to lowest rating).
I like the school and my daughters teacher is fabulous but I'm abit concerned about my dds progress and some other little things like her spellings etc. For the last 5 weeks she has had the most simple spellings like 'cat, mat, car,' etc. She may be struggling with phonics and reading but she isn't being pushed an challenged at all with these spellings. I asked her teacher about them at parents evening and her teacher said she was giving her easy ones to ease her in. She had harder spellings in year one and she was doing well. So I don't get these pointless ones. Any way I was just wondering what any of you would do in this situation. Sorry for the rant. I'm doing all I can at home to help her with extra reading and phonics practices etc.

user1477282676 Tue 15-Nov-16 04:20:03

Well my DD is 8 and she had similar issues at her last school...which happened to be an outstanding school.

We've since moved abroad to Australia....where they start them off much slower with literacy and numeracy.

When my DD was in year 2, it was pretty tough....she had a lot of help but hated it all. She hated the pressure.

Many children simply don't have the required toolkit at 7 to learn to read and write quickly...or the phonics system does not suit them.

I wouldn't be thinking of changing her school if you're happy with the place in other aspects. If she loves it and has friends, that's far more important at this stage in her life than her academic ability.

I think it's good that her teacher is easing her in...remember sometimes schools have low Ofsted results for things other than teaching.

Have you read the report to see where they're failing exactly? That might be a good idea.

In the meantime, build up DD's confidence, read to her yourself daily or as often as humanly possible....don't press her to read herself unless she wants to.

My DD is as I said, now 8 and whilst she's certainly not a fabulous little writer or reader, she at least WILL read....and she does write...yes it's messy and poorly spelled but she's very happy at her school...adores it...loves her friends and her teacher.

That's everything. Having seen the other side of this where my friend's child hated school and had no friends...the social stuff is vital.

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