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Advice on biting please

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GlassIsRefillable Mon 14-Nov-16 19:48:09

My little girl is 21 months now and has been biting since she was 9 months old. Initially we thought it was because she was teething but by 11 months she was biting myself, her daddy and her brother fairly often mainly when she was frustrated.

Since being at nursery she has also been biting other children. The nursery monitored her when it started and agreed it seemed to be out of frustration (e.g. another child taking her toy) they said she should hopefully improve when she starts to speak.

Now she can speak and can say things like 'mine' and 'no' but she still goes to bite too. She seems to get very cross and saying 'naughty' or putting her on a step/ quiet corner has no impact at all as she is in absolute melt down.

When she has calmed down we make her say sorry and she always does with a kiss.

The nursery say we are doing all the right things but if anything she is doing it more now. Today she bit two children and one was on the head. I feel terrible for the children she has hurt and their parents and I am also desperate to help my little girl too.

I should add on the weekend she was having a tantrum and even bit her own hand, she then said 'hurt' showed me in tears and then kissed it better. So biting her back (suggested by a well meaning friend) wont help either as she already knows it hurts.

Any advice / suggestions would be much appreciated.

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