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Help me deal with my defiant DD

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livvylongpants Sun 13-Nov-16 18:50:08

Evening all,

We are struggling so much at the moment with our DD who has just turned 5, she just will not do a thing we ask! Ask to sit at dinner table, she cries, ask to pick up toys, she cries, tell her it's time for bed. She cries. It's endless and relentless every time we ask or tell her to do something she will scream and cry and point blank refuse to do it.

Naughty step doesn't work, asking nicely doesn't work, shouting doesn't work, sticker charts don't work, removing her toys if she refuses to lick them up doesn't work. Shes always been a bit idle but last year or 2 life has been pretty stressful so one of us would always give in for an easy life.

It's only now we've had an honest talk about her behaviour that we are having a united front and good god is she pushing back!

School says she is an angel, Childminder says she is an angel, family who have her say she is an angel so I know she knows how to behave.

So oh wise people in my phone what am I to do! Today has just been battle after battle after battle anr I just feel so blooming tired, she refused to eat her dinner as I insisted she sat at the table, cried herself to the pint she was hysterical. She's now crying as I won't give her an apple for pudding as she hasn't eaten her dinner sigh

Whooptydoo1 Sun 13-Nov-16 18:53:13

That sucks! I don't have any great advice other than keep up the united front and stay strong, like other points in her development, I'm sure this is just a phase, she'll eventually learn that you won't give in to her crying fits, she's testing you, don't let her win OP! flowers

Peppapogstillonaloop Sun 13-Nov-16 18:54:04

Keep going!! She is testing and pushing at her boundaries, perfectly understandable if this is a new thing. Keep calm, don't engage when she is hysterical just leVe her to it, explain later when calm what behaviour is unacceptable. Have a list of behaviours that are unacceptable, or aist of things she has to do and the consequences and stick to it. It will get easier but you must be consistent and see it through always!! Good luck!!

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