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Our 3 year old daughter physically attacks me...

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FatherOfFour79 Sun 13-Nov-16 17:24:25

This is my first post so firstly; hello everyone!

As you may have guessed from my username, I'm a father of 4 children. Two boys aged 10 & 8 and two girls aged 5 & 3. The first three children are from a previous relationship.

I spend all week at work but generally get to spend an 1hr per night with my youngest daughter, who I bath and pop into bed (without issues on the whole). The problem my wife and I are having is that our little girl attacks me when I ask her to do things (eating food, sitting down, holding my hand etc.). The attacks come in many forms ranging from hitting, pinching, kicking, spitting, scratching and now biting. Even if she wakes from her sleep at night, if I go in
to console her, she starts shouting/crying "no thank you daddy!' (very polite) whilst starting to thrash her legs and arms around in a bid to make contact.

We've found this type of behaviour reduces if I dedicate my weekends to her undivided attention whilst my wife works or just gets on with her own thing. As soon as she returns, generally so does the bad behaviour of our daughter.

Her mum has always been very attentive towards her; however, lately she's been reducing the level of response towards our daughter. She's also started to chastise her when she hurt me (united front).

I've never had an issue with my other children and we're now a little lost. Any help or suggestions in ways to eliminate this behaviour would be most welcome.

Many thanks for rearing smile

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