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What age to properly use cutlery?

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HugoBear Sun 13-Nov-16 11:39:09

DH says our 8yo DD should be able to use a knife and fork properly by now, and as an incentive to do this has now said we can't eat out anywhere until she does.

But when her schoolfriends come for tea, they can't use them properly either.

So what's right?

ChristianGreysAnatomy Sun 13-Nov-16 19:27:50

My DD is nearly six and is quite good but doesn't always do it properly. By 8 I think they should be able to use cutlery properly but not perfectly all the time.

DD and I agreed this morning that I would try to help her improve her table manners overall, as they are not too good right now. So we have made a list of things to aim for - three things - holding cutlery properly, sitting up and not slouching everywhere, and not licking/sucking her fingers.

We agreed on the list together and deliberately kept it short. I warned her that learning table manners is annoying and that she would get fed up with me correcting/reminding her, but we agreed it was worth trying to make good habits.

We will see how it goes...

FYI I don't give a monkeys what her friends can and can't do - but it does help that her beloved cousin has excellent table manners.

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