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lndngg Mon 07-Nov-16 13:21:02

What do you do when other people's children push/ snatch/ be aggressive etc in the playground? I don't want to be an ogre but went to a toddler gym event this morning and my 18 month old was pushed several times by a child the same age and the parent did nothing. Obviously allowing for different developmental stages for children (wouldn't expect a mother to take action with a 12 month old, asides moving them on), what do you do? With slightly older children I"m normally fine saying 'just a moment' or 'lets wait turns' and I don't feel like a monster, but was so at the end of my tether this morning. Is it a case of 'let kids be kids'??

stressedbeyond123 Wed 09-Nov-16 13:23:12

if mum doesn't do anything, i tend to step in and try and "nicely" defuse the situation...more often i speak to my child in the vicinity of other child's parent and saying something like "lets go over here where you can you play quietly and not have the toys snatched off you"....

But, i think it depends, if it was just 2 young children finding their way i tend to let it go, if it happens quite often or is a little on the nasty side then i to do what i just said x

Eastie77 Wed 09-Nov-16 21:54:30

With an 18 month old I wouldn't intervene tbh unless my child was upset/crying or physically harmed. I would be a bit put out if the other parent did absolutely nothing though.

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