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4 yr old not talking in sentences/communicating

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user1478475707 Mon 07-Nov-16 00:19:29

Hi all, our boy turned 4 a few months ago and has now started school

He is very friendly boy and very bright with counting / spelling / reading the alphabet / shapes & loves singing but its clear he is behind other children his age in terms of communication and talking in sentences.

We have arranged to see a health visitor and a pediatrician referral is in progress. what i wanted to ask if there are any of you who have had similar experiences or know of others that have with children that are older now & what you did to help bring on the speech and communication & how things turned out ?

many thanks


Sunshineonacloudyday Mon 07-Nov-16 12:36:18

Now he is in school he will get a rich variety of language. It will sort itself out he just needs a lot of practice. When sitting in front of the Tele you could talk about the programme or get him to describe the story in a book.

albertcampionscat Mon 07-Nov-16 13:03:32

It might sort itself out but it also might not or at least not without intervention. There is a book called 'it takes two to talk' by Hanen that is worth checking out

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