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Fed up with my baby's demands !!

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Cloud9889 Sun 06-Nov-16 17:40:00

My 9 month old is so fussy. Sometimes the only way to calm him is to carry him about. I am exhausted. My supposed to be maternity leave has been mostly bloody stressful . My stress levels feel so high usually when he cries I am sometimes literally shaking. I try not to shout at DS but his older brother sometimes gets shouted at which I don't feel good about. He's currently screaming in the car seat ( I'm not driving ).

Does this ever get better ?? I've got a dr appointment as I'm worried about my stress levels !!

PotteringAlong Sun 06-Nov-16 17:45:06

Have you got a sling?

justtowarm Sun 06-Nov-16 17:51:41

It will get better, talk to your gp like you said. Do you have any support? Someone who can babysit for a day? By 9 months I needed a day off every now and then.

Take a deep breath and get a plan together to get yourself a break wine

Cloud9889 Sun 06-Nov-16 18:04:43

I've got a sling but he is over 9kg and I'm finding it a bit psychically draining as I also need to care and play with my 3 yr old .
This is probably going to sound bad but I've got him enrolled in nursery for two afternoons a week starting v soon even though I'm not going back to work for about 3 months - I feel like a bad mum for doing this though but I don't have many people I can ask who are willing or able to help and my DH has a v demanding job.

justtowarm Sun 06-Nov-16 18:15:40

I don't think it's bad at all using nursery! Especially if you don't have many people to support you. Its hard work having a baby. I'm very lucky as my mum is retired and can help. Honestly just having a day to myself every now and then helped me to keep my cool and not feel like a walking zombie. Also my advice is when you do get a day use some of it to do absolutely nothing!

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