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How to arrange a playdate

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ipsofatto234 Sun 06-Nov-16 09:13:55

My DS (7) has never been on/had people round for a play-date. I worked F/T until this school year but have now gone P/T and starting to get a feel for how school life works. Some of the kids in his class seem to go on playdates/have tea round others' houses after school a lot, while others don't seem to do this in term-time. We have lots of friends locally who we meet up with during school hols (usually mum friends of mine with kids of similar age) so the kids can play while we catch up, but he doesn't seem to be making any friends of his own much at school. This was confirmed by his teacher, when I asked - he's friendly with everyone and seems happy but doesn't seem to have his own little friendship group/best friend - he's also not sporty, which means that playtime games like football etc. don't interest him either. I'd like to try to support him in making friends/social skills and his teacher suggested play dates. My silly question is: How in the hell do you do this? Do you approach the parents at the school gates and ask? Ask the teacher to put a note in the kid's bag? Have your child ask the other child? I know this seems really awkward, but I really have no idea and am worried I'll get it wrong - don't know many of the other parents… All suggestions gratefully received….

ChocolateForAll Sun 06-Nov-16 09:40:33

I'd ask your son who he'd like to invite, then approach the mum and say that DS would like their child over for a playdate one day. You can say that it's not been possible before due to work commitments but this has changed now and your DS would love to have (friend) over if possible.

ipsofatto234 Sun 06-Nov-16 17:48:45

Thanks Chocolate - I've done that and he has suggested a couple of kids, but most of them are girls and it doesn't seem to happen that boys/girls mix on playdates around here, much to my dismay… I'm going to ask anyway, but going to try to get him to suggest a few boys also - there must be one or two who are into other things than football etc.

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