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Potty training regression

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Wildwawamumtotwo Fri 04-Nov-16 18:37:54

I'm literally at the end of my tether. Daughter 2.5 had been trained for about three months, dry most nights and almost no accidents. Then her baby brother arrived 10 weeks ago and it was all change. At first just a few accidents (wee's only) then what nursery and I felt was on purpose. After two weeks of dealing with a newborn and lots of accidents I put her back in pull ups. For a week or so this was great and she was using them like pants and using the toilet with less accidents. I have given her lots of praise when she used the toilet. The last month or so has got progressively worse. Her language is really good, she's been telling me she's done it on purpose and also has been pooing way more often in the day, four or five when it used to be once or twice. When she was clearly doing it on purpose or smirking after, I was really starting to loose my patience. I would get really cross, i'm also on newborn sleep! So I've tried taking away fun things like going swimming, or to a friends, or no cake etc, that didn't work & also means we're then just at home which is impossible with a toddler who has energy to burn. I've tried using a reward chart, she's not interested. I've tried getting her really involved in caring for her brother which she loves but then, poos and tries to climb on to his changing table. The last week or so I have changed tack, saying oh well it doesn't matter, ignoring the incident but leaving her in the nappy for 5/10 mins, really praising her when she uses the toilet but it's worse than ever. I hear her role playing about using the toilet with her toys & dolls, she has complete understanding of it. This evening again probably the fifth of the day and I burst in to tears, she just laughed at me! I'm desperate and don't know where to turn, it's having such a negative effect on family life in general. Has anyone got any advice or been through similar. We are really struggling (she's also been pushing more and not sharing well - this might just be the age though). Help!

Olympiathequeen Sun 06-Nov-16 20:51:41

As its attention seeking just ignore completely. Put her in pull ups or even a nappy if it's easier. It's no big deal. Plenty of children her age aren't even potty trained. DS2 is 3 and he's just got to grips with it all. Still has real accidents, including nursery where he just takes himself off and changes his pants and trousers.

It will get better. I would say try for some one to one time, but that is so difficult I know. Just do what you can to give her time even if it's just a short story together. Maybe grandparents could help give her some special time?

Wildwawamumtotwo Mon 07-Nov-16 01:21:12

Thank you Olympiathequeen. That's what we've done, she's been in pull ups since her brother was a few weeks. I've tried ignoring but it got worse & she's literally there, saying I'm pooing on purpose! When she's doing this, how do you ignore? My DS is so good, so I manage to put him down for a good few hours at a time, do that my daughter and I can do things, baking, pedicure, puzzles etc. How long can it go on?!

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