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15 months- thumb sucking

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upthewolves Wed 02-Nov-16 23:34:50

My DD has sucked her thumb since she was a few months old. She used to suck it when she was trying to fall asleep but now I notice her doing it more and more - she will walk around the house with the thumb in doing things with the other hand. I have never been particularly concerned as she is still so little but recently I have become a bit worried because her thumb is quite red and dry and I'm worried the skin will crack and get sore. Is this common in thumb suckers and is there anything I can do about it?

I feel like stopping her from sucking would be very unpleasant for her and take away a real source of comfort and she is still a baby really. But I do worry about her teeth too.

Any advice or experience appreciated!

Fanjango Wed 02-Nov-16 23:40:30

Not got much advice but just thought I'd say she may well simply grow out of it. My dd was a thumb sucker, her twin an avid user of the dummy, till she was about 2. Then she started to suck less and less during the day until she was about 4 when she no longer sucked day or night. I wouldn't worry just yet, maybe just mention it when she's doing it during the day, ask her not to. She's still very young. My daughters teeth are just fine too, unless she's doing it all the time I really wouldn't worry yet

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