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Selective mutism? Any stories

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Savannah13nbump Wed 02-Nov-16 18:24:40

Hi all, my dad just turned three has been referred to a speech and language professional as they are concerened she has selective mutism, I have done a lot of research today and the symptoms are there which we have just assumed so far as extremely shy, she is a chatterbox outgoing crazy girl at home, but at nursery and play groups will not talk, only on the odd occasion she will sometimes nod, anyone been through this on how to move forward as the waiting list is 6months

Savannah13nbump Wed 02-Nov-16 18:25:13

Not dad dd

KittyandTeal Wed 02-Nov-16 18:30:53

My best friend at primary school was a selective mute.

She was very popular but we were very close and she'd still only talk to me at her house. We had a way of signalling yes or no answers and so we just asked lots of closed questions 'do you want orange juice?' etc.

As she got older she used to whisper to me at my house when we were playing in my room. Then we made our own radio show and recorded it on tape me went from there.

She started speaking to anyone on the first day of secondarily school. I think I found it harder to aghast to her talking that anyone else. I kept asking her the same closed questions as I'd been so used to it!

We also have a girl who is a selective mute at school atm, although that is probably the result of a traumatic rushed flee from her country of origin.

Speech and language will be able to advise you but as far as I'm aware you speak to them normally, don't expect them to answer and at some point they grow out of it

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