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Why is my DD doing this?

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passmethewineplease Mon 31-Oct-16 14:20:33

Just wondering if anyone else's DC have done this before?

My DD uses her highcahir at meal times, after a few minutes of sitting up straight she will slouch and stretch/tense her legs and sort of press up on to the bar between her legs. She looks so uncomfortable and no matter how many times I've tried to sit her back up she goes back to slouching and tensing.

Spoke to a few other mums and they've got no experience of it, has anyone here?

carben Mon 31-Oct-16 19:16:33

It sounds very much like this

My daughter did it from about the age of 6 months in the high chair, pushchair and car seat. She did have some tests for epilepsy (EEG) and reflux but nothing showed up. In my opinion this is not well known amongst medics, hence the testing and is not generally talked about, especially involving girls. If you do a search on Mumsnet you will find it pops up under masturbation etc fairly frequently although obviously babies and toddlers have no idea that it's anything to do with sexual feelings.

It's nothing to worry about but undoubtedly a little bit embarrassing when out and about ! My daughter's went on for a few years but as she got older we were able to explain that she needed to do it privately.

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