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Stranger Anxiety?

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Danielles12345 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:51:01

My 5.... almost 6 month old will cry/scream if anyone other than my husband and I hold her. Sometimes she even does this if someone other than us even look at her. She is always around various family members so they aren't 'strangers' but ever since she was 2/3 months old, she has been this way. We had our first evening out a few weeks back and left her with her grandparents, we were only gone 2 hours but apparently she cried the whole time and refused her bottle too! We took her to her grandparents house at the weekend and as soon as we walked into the house, without her even seeing them she had a meltdown. It's difficult because it's upsetting for family members that want to spend time with her. I've read up about stranger anxiety, could this be what it is? Any suggestions on how we can tackle this will be greatly received!

Chickz Sun 30-Oct-16 11:33:46

My baby is going through this too, he's 4 months and been going in for about a month. It's so upsetting! Hopefully someone can advise!

Beemommy Tue 01-Nov-16 02:55:51

Same here with a 10 month old...been like that for about a month..

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