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Late talker. My 2.4 yrs old son

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Paromitagos Fri 21-Oct-16 15:38:23

My 2.4 yrs old ds used to speak around 40 words at 2. We took him to speech therapist and she suggested all the assessments from
Hearing to
Autism. We started his private speech therapy last month and by now he speaks 80-90 words. There has been no official diagnosis of asd or neurological condition so far but yet it keeps me worried when I keep on googling the whole world related to this. Sumtimes I find all
The symptoms very similar and soon later I realise he s behaving just like any other normal child like laughing playing smiling perfect eye contact luves affection hugs me if I get annoyed on his mischief. On the other hand he gets hooked to sum
Toys for a long time until I shout on him to distract him. Similarly he gets overjoyed seeing children of his age at the same time in nursery he mostly plays his own or next to his mates but not actually with his mates to b precise. On the other day I Gota know from
Nursety that he poked a girl and laughed at her. Anyways there r so many mixed gestures so it keeps me tensed all
The time. Yday he spoke for the first time 2 phrases and I felt good. Today agen he refused to have finger foods The ones which were his favourites thus giving me panic attacks Help

mamapants Sat 22-Oct-16 17:31:39

40 words at two isn't bad is it? I thought general expectation was 50 so not far off. Also not playing together is fairly normal at that age.
What are your concerns behaviour wise as nothing you've written here seems to stand out for his age?

RedCrab Sun 30-Oct-16 09:38:35

My son was similar. Around 2 and 3/4 he just suddenly started talking really fluently. Around six months later he got really obsessed with dinosaurs and started to say things like pachyrhinosaurus and pachycepholosaurus and other really stupidly hard dinosaur names that even I struggled with. Now at just turned four he's got brilliant speech and communication. Someone told me that boys are later but when they do talk, it all just comes tumbling about perfectly. I don't often like to attribute things as boy or girl things but it was certainly true in this instance for DS.

The other behaviours all sound perfectly normal and annoying toddler/ pre schooler behaviour to be honest! When he's engrossed in something and you want his attention, I've found the best thing is to get down to his level, touch his arm to get eye contact and say "I need to tell you something" and then proceed to say what I need go say. Kids just tune you out and from their perspective, they don't want to stop doing what they're doing so they just ignore you!

The food thing has happened to us a hundred times. Suddenly he hates rice. Wtf? It's baffling but not symptomatic of anything other than fussy small child.

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