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10yo DD temper and insecurity; feeling like I'm failing her

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Sl1nkyMalinki Thu 20-Oct-16 09:55:01

Hello all,

My 10yo DD is in Y6. We've noticed a lot more hormone-related tantrums the last 6 months, but I'm really concerned that she is starting to lose control of her temper. The first 2 weeks back to school were fine, she settled well despite historically having trouble with a group of girls in her class. This has reared up a little again but I feel happy that the school are aware and dealing with it.

So, this morning; she wanted to put ribbon in her hair. She never does this, and this decision was made at 8:25am. We need to leave at 8:30. My DH is working from home at the moment and helped her cut some ribbon she had found from god knows where. It wasn't right and she absolutely lost the plot. DH then took younger DS to school so he wasn't late. She is absolutely unreasonable about everything, her hair has to be just so, she can't do it but doesn't want me to touch it. Her socks are too small, why haven't I magically replaced them overnight? She is 3 belts from black belt in taekwondo but hates training yet doesn't want to give up?? Reason and common sense is pointless with her.

I pretty much feel I can't do anything right and she's becoming a spoilt brat stomping around shouting while I witter ineffectively before ending up in a shaky, tearful mess pleading with her to just get on with it and either leave the house for school / go to training.

I honestly don't know what to do. I feel awful, and I dread getting up every morning.

Anybody have any tips? Is there such a thing as parenting classes for this age group?


user1476140278 Thu 20-Oct-16 11:43:55

I have a 12 year old's hormones OP. I've noticed DD is worse when she's hungry or when she's been eating junk food.

I'm pretty strict now about no sugary crap after 3.30. I relax it a bit on a Friday and Saturday but otherwise I try to make sure her diet is very clean.

No sugary cereal, no fizzy drinks, no sweets no processed foods. I've also got her into herbal teas which seem to calm her down a bit.

I also think that this period is when they need us more than ever...though they act like they hate us. smile

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