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Toddler throwing everything, food, plate,spoon and anything not nailed down.

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123MothergotafleA Thu 20-Oct-16 04:13:28

Help needed. Why does he do it? How do we stop it? He's got a killer throw, particularly at family members.

starsinyourpies Thu 20-Oct-16 04:14:52

For attention? Do you sit with him while he's eating?

MoreGilmoreGirls Thu 20-Oct-16 04:18:01

He probably sees it as a game particularly if you react to it. Calmly move things out of his reach until he stops throwing. Get him down from the table/ move him to another room then put him back once he agrees to stop. As soon as he throws something remove him again and repeat. Will prob take a few times but if he's hungry he'll stop throwing and eat his dinner.

starsinyourpies Thu 20-Oct-16 04:45:47

Yes I remove all food and get them down at first throw. Doesn't starve and it stops pretty quickly.

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