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Dd not drinking

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Sunsandandsea Wed 19-Oct-16 20:29:22

Dd (14 months) had a uti last week, she has had antibiotics and awaiting results of another urine sample to check it has cleared. During that week she had been very unwell vomiting and not keeping anything down however she was taking water through a syringe. Now she is refusing to drink anything out of a cup, beaker, straw beaker, spout sippee beaker, or water from a bottle. She will only drink milk from a bottle (with teat) or water through a syringe. Before she got a uti, she would drink about 3 beakers of water a day through her sippee cup. Now two weeks later she won't touch it. I've been giving her several extra bottles of milk a day to make sure she stays hydrated.

I've tried encouraging her by adding a small amount of juice to her water but she still only accepts it through a syringe, I leave beakers out for her to help herself but she doesn't touch it all day. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

mycatstares Wed 19-Oct-16 20:31:43

She may have been drinking so much before due to the Uti.

Keep an eye on how much she's drinking but in the meantime get some cucumber,watermelon and similar foods so she gets a bit more liquid.

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