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17mo attempting to kick/ swipe other children that come into his space

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Bubspub Wed 19-Oct-16 12:58:19

My 17mo has started to try to kick/swipe other children who come into his space. I managed to intervene and stop It from happening but I'm mortified about it, he's very strong and chunky. I've been very clear with him that this is wrong, saying "no! Naughty! You do NOT do that." Is this a 'normal' part of development or should I be concerned? Does anyone have any advice? Im going to speak to his nursery and make them aware and ask that they're very firm with him about this too. Thank you.

Bubspub Wed 19-Oct-16 15:58:56

I'm regretting having recently bought him boots from Clarks now, because they're quite heavy and I'm worried he might hurt someone. I think I might take him back and buy some softer trainer type shoes. I don't know if I'm being overly anxious about this or whether it's just a normal thing. I want to make sure I nip it in the bud, I do NOT want him hurting another child.

magicroundabouts Mon 24-Oct-16 16:43:54

My DS1 was very similar and I did find it a challenge to deal with. I felt judged by other parents and that my son was that child that everyone wants to avoid. It seemed to stem from him not knowing how to communicate his wishes and it sounds your son might be the same? i.e. he doesn't want another child in his space and rather than moving away or saying he wants to play by himself he hits out instead.

I think looking for his triggers is the key. DS1 struggled with sharing and didn't like playing next to/with others. At groups I would watch him closely and move him away from a situation if need be. I'd name his feelings I.e. Your frustrated. You didn't want to share x toy. It is ok to feel that way, but not ok to hit. And then give him options of what to do instead e.g move away. Obviously at 17 months he is not going to take all of that in, but I found it helpful and it comes into its own as they get older.

Also, as he gets older telling him your expectations re behaviour before going to a group or out with friends helps. I would say that hitting was not allowed and that we would leave if he wasn't able to do this. Then followed through if necessary. (I hated doing this as it feels like you are missing out too, but it did help).

It is just a phase though, DS1 is now at school and a very generous, caring little boy. It didn't stop overnight, but it does come to an end.

Bubspub Sun 30-Oct-16 18:42:32

Sorry magicroundabouts, I've just seen your reply. Thanks so much for that information, it's really helpful and good to know that it should calm down if we stick with an approach. Just in the last few days he's already started doing it a bit less, although he did pull my hair and smack me in the face twice before bed last night sad but I agree it's an inability to communicate something. Well done for getting your LO through it and glad to hear your ds1 has turned into a lovely boy x X

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