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Toddler biting us & staff at nursery

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Chloris33 Mon 17-Oct-16 20:46:26

My 21 mo has been biting my husband & I for quite some time. There isn't a single trigger. It's definitely worse when teething. It can happen if he's excited (e.g. wanting to tickle us & for us to tickle him), if he's bored, or frustrated, or when he's not obviously any of those thIngs. The worst is when he keeps on trying to bite your leg over & over again, kind of like a wild animal. He's started doing that to his key worker now, and his other favourite worker there - it's when he feels close to someone that he chooses to bite them sometimes. They have raised it as a concern & we've agreed to try to all take the same approach. The problem is what on earth that approach can be. Telling him off makes him laugh & do it again. Ignoring it is not an option as it really hurts. I generally try to verbalise what I think his emotions are as much as possible. I know that lack of language (he can't talk much yet) can be a factor. Any tips gratefully received.

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