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Epicanthal folds.....

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SweetBoy Thu 08-Feb-07 20:28:29

My boy has epicanthal folds & a flat bridge of nose. Does this always mean a genetic issue like Downs?

adamadamum Thu 08-Feb-07 20:56:48

Hi Sweetboy, you remind me of four years ago when I was asking the same question. My girl has epicanthal folds and a flat nasal bridge too, and although in her case she did turn out to have a genetic problem (though they still aren't sure what - possibly Pierpont Syndrome but that's really rare)I was told that there are plenty of children born with features such as those, that have nothing wrong genetically.

I don't want to give you false hope or anything, but I am sure that if your boy seems "normal" in all the other ways, there may be a good chance he is. I wish I had a crystal ball! Would have used it for us too. I know how awful a time it can be, when people suspect your child may have special needs. I will never forget the day I was told she might not be "normal"

I have been told a few stories over the years, of parents being told their child probably had this or that, they went through all the worry, and the kid was fine.

There's no point telling you not to worry - having been where you are (and on my own without support!) I know you will go through a lot of unpleasent emotions at the moment, no matter what anyone says. So I will just wish you luck, hope everything turns out fine! Isabel x

pollyanna Thu 08-Feb-07 20:59:07

I remember there was a thread about this a while ago. Lots of people on here (me included) have children with Epicanthal folds and flat bridge and are all had nothing wrong genetically.

Spagblog Thu 08-Feb-07 21:00:24

My daughter has the same feature, its never been an issue with any medical professional.
Looks less apparent as she gets older

misdee Thu 08-Feb-07 21:00:46

dd2 has flat bridge and epicanthal folds as well. she doesnt have DS.

SweetBoy Thu 08-Feb-07 21:17:18

Thanks for answering this thread. I'm really scared about what might be and I'm absolutely doing dp's head in as he is trying to be rational. I spend so long staring at sweetboy (ds) trying to see if he is "different" from other babies. he is less than 5 months still. We (his parents) are both white European too so the features are not due to ethnicity. His little nose is so flat...I wonder if the bridges sometimes raise later?

winestein Thu 08-Feb-07 21:25:28

All newborn babies have a pug nose. The bridge of the nose isn't there at birth - it grows later - so babies have a small `button' nose.

Cut and paste from a website

chipmonkey Thu 08-Feb-07 21:35:14

Sweetboy, I'm an optometrist and I can tell you that epicanthal folds and a flat bridge are pretty much universal in babies, though obviously some are more pronounced than others. It's the reason a lot of babies are suspected of having a squint when their eyes are in fact, normal. If you look at kids spectacle frames, loads of them have built-up bridges for this reason.

Millarkie Thu 08-Feb-07 21:40:17

My 3 year old dd has epicanthic folds and a flat nasal bridge - gave me a bit of shock when she was born, but the doctors weren't bothered. She seems developmentally fine at age 3 but doesn't look like any member of our family.

SweetBoy Thu 08-Feb-07 22:03:29

Thanks winestein & Isabel earlier x

theheadgirl Thu 08-Feb-07 22:13:21

My daughter has Downs. the epicanthal fold is only one of many features of the syndrome. If your boy has had his newborn, and then 6 week check and is doing oK, I can't imagine he's got to 5 months without any other problems being highlighted. the main thing with my girl was her low muscle tone at birth. I'm sure he's ok, good luck to you both xxxx

SweetBoy Thu 08-Feb-07 22:17:09

my bloody computer is SO slow .....sorry...I hadn't seen some of the later messages too, thanks for them all. That's good to know winestein cos he does look pretty squinty at times!

SweetBoy Thu 08-Feb-07 22:17:29

my bloody computer is SO slow .....sorry...I hadn't seen some of the later messages too, thanks for them all. That's good to know winestein cos he does look pretty squinty at times!

adamadamum Thu 08-Feb-07 22:51:38

You're more than welcome SweetBoy! I hope all of these replies are putting your mind a little more at rest! I bet you will continue to worry for a while yet, no matter what, but everyone seems to be talking a lot of sense in their replies, I really hope you get full reassurance soon that everything is OK. I will be thinking of you! Isabel x

macneil Thu 08-Feb-07 23:12:20

My dd has epicanthal folds and a Chinese great grandfather. For some reason this absolutely delights me and I love her having some trace of different ethnicity and hope they stay, but I know all babies have them. I say for some reason, because I always hated my epicanthal folds as I've never been able to get eye make up on them - it just vanishes into the fat eyelid. She has better eyelashes than me, so I think her folds will go, and I'm sad about that.

oldguysrule Mon 16-May-16 13:57:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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