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8 week DD in up to 1 month clothes

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Christinedonna Mon 17-Oct-16 10:02:22

Just googled it and looked on a few threads and it seems the majority of people's babies at this age are wearing 0-3 or just growing out of it! I brought her a Halloween baby grow that was 0-3 and it looks huge!! I'm not concerned about her at all just curious, is that quite little for an 8 week old?

MrsHathaway Mon 17-Oct-16 10:08:51

What was her birth weight? The age boundaries on baby clothes are absolute bollocks, but they're designed as a useful guess for people who don't know the weight/length of the baby grin

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby girl bear

Christinedonna Mon 17-Oct-16 10:23:15

She was 7lb 2 when she was born (8 days late though so imagine how little she'd have been if she was on time!) and was 10lb 1oz at her 6 week check..she's very long, her belly doesn't seem to have got bigger since she was born! She could have worn tiny baby clothes as she was swamped by new born for the first 3-4 weeks

chattygranny Mon 17-Oct-16 10:28:57

Baby clothes vary hugely, honestly ignore the sizing. Weight is what counts and your babba sounds like that is going on well. Babies are all shapes and sizes. My DGC is same age and same thing. Long legs short body, over 10lbs but has only just grown out of some footless "under 7lbs" clothes. DGC was just under 7lbs and 8 days early so quite similar sized. Ignore all sizing just as you would yourself, didn't I read the average woman has 3 sizes (at least!) in her wardrobe? Same with babies and children I'm afraid, it's just a guide. Best wishes.

Christinedonna Mon 17-Oct-16 10:32:22

I just don't want her to skip a stage or me to assume she'll get the same length of time in the next size and actually not get round to wearing everything. No way of knowing I suppose..I know, welcome to motherhood

AppleJac Mon 17-Oct-16 10:38:49

Its best not to buy clothing in advance. I only bought newborn at first, once that was outgrown then 0-3 and once 0-3 were outgrown i got rid of them and replaced with 3-6 etc.

The problem with bulk buying different sizes in advance is you dont know if its going to be the right season for the clothes as babies grown at different rates. Storing clothing in bigger sizes is a pain.

Wildidle Mon 17-Oct-16 10:45:52

Sounds a lot like my DS, he is also tall and not particularly chubby, and was in newborn size for ages (7.10 at birth, two days over). He was in 0-3 for about two weeks then suddenly needed 3-6! Make sure you don't keep the nice bits for special occasions, you may find she doesn't get to wear them.

CoffeeAtLukes Mon 17-Oct-16 10:53:19

My dd1 always wore clothes at least one size down from her age. She was even in 3-6 month sleepsuits at over 9 months. She is 6 now and is tall for her age, easily the tallest in her class at school. She was just a dinky baby (she was 6lbs at 4 days overdue). Dd2 is currently 9 months and outgrew the exact same 3-6 month sleepsuits months ago.

Remember there is a massive difference in sizing between brands as well. Next, M&S and sainsburys stuff is huge, h&m and gap are smaller.

Redkite10a Mon 17-Oct-16 10:55:56

My 8lb 10 boy was in newborn clothes until about 4 weeks so that 8 weeks for your daughter doesn't seem wrong to me. Like your daughter he was long and skinny, lots of things just looked baggy on him even when the length was right.

Sizes also vary hugely by brand. Some of the newborn stuff I had was bigger than 0 to 3 months from a different brand. If you have any nice clothes in the next sizes up, it's worth going through and sorting then by actual size (measure them against something you know fits her). We had a couple of lovely gifts my son never really wore because the sizes on the label were out.

MrsHathaway Mon 17-Oct-16 11:41:23

My skinny 8lb 9oz DC1 was in all the clothes for the "right" time once he was 2w+ so I can see how a 7lber would be in smaller if she is long rather than round IYSWIM. We put him in a 8-10lb suit when he was born and it just swamped him, so we dropped down to the "up to 7lb" stuff even though he was 25% larger.

My round baby (DC3) was in clothes for double his age from the get-go. I guess clothes manufacturers expect round babies?

Do have a rummage through stuff you know you definitely want her to wear but she'll poonami it within ten minutes if I know babies and work out how big they actually are. That was a fab suggestion upthread.

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