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My 2 year old swears..

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Angeliqueinquest Sat 15-Oct-16 00:05:44

My 2.4 ds has started saying some awful things that he got from his 8 year old cousin that he idolises, he says 'shoot you punk' 'shake your ass' and 'bitches' he was at his nannas when his cousin was saying these things (playing on Xbox, dance Matt etc) and ds was watching him and he picked this up instantly and as soon as ds said these things his cousin laughed hysterically, which I think egged him on and I just ignored what he said as not to make a big deal but told his cousin separately that he was 2 and to not say those things in front of him or laugh when he says them but ds has been saying them ever since, it is embarrassing and mortifying and upsetting.. At rhyme time he starts saying shake ur ass in the middle of if your happy and you know it, he's made a song out of bitches and in asda he's singing doo doo doo doo doo bitchhhhhessssss and when he's holding anything he says shoot you punk it's absolutely terrible I am mortified how do I stop this it's been going on for weeks now of me ignoring he hasn't seen his cousin since but still says these things what can I do?!

tinymeteor Sun 16-Oct-16 20:11:56

Video it for posterity?!

All you can do is maintain a poker face and give it no reaction at all.

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